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This is a simple step to you can successfully order for example from menu card select and enter the serial no of the item name (butter naan “06”) then enter quantity “1” then to confirm order press “ENTER”. It’s done order successfully.

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Why You Need Restaurant Management Software?

Restaurant management software involves many things, such as staff management, proper communication, and effective and clear implementation of plans and strategies. The main thing affecting the work of the Restaurant is the staff who have to deal with it properly. Communication is the key to running daily activities. Books should, therefore, be maintained or written records should be kept for easy communication.

As the restaurant business usually operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, open and clear communication is essential. All the activities in a particular shift are recorded below so that the person coming to the next shift must be aware of everything and be ready to handle any kind of query. This is the essential function of restaurant management software.

All the routine activities in the Restaurant can be appropriately managed if the resources are used correctly. In return, they are accepted or appreciated for the work they have done. The industry deals with all kinds of people, so the level of stress is quite low. So everyone needs the right skills to deal politely and professionally.

It is imperative to train the employees to make full and proper use of the available resources. Also, certain types of beliefs have to be declared and implemented as this is a major motivating factor in the effective functioning of any organization.

Potential resources, including humans and technology, should be gel in the best possible way to deliver excellent results. Staff management is the most sensitive area and should be handled efficiently. They will have to take extra care to ensure a better future and security, which in turn will result in a lower turnover of human resources. So we will free you from all this problem. There is a good and simple restaurant management software for you which will make all the complicated work easier for you.

Resto Billo Restaurant Management Software Features

There are certain essential restaurant management software india  features which you just can’t ignore at the time of selecting the best restaurants Software in India.


Tracking Sales

Resto Billo software will provide you with smart analytics and reports that can be accessed on the go. Every Restaurant deals with a credit card and cash transactions. So, it is imperative that the software tracks all the business sales data, making it easy for the owner.

With this sales data, you can keep tabs on all your items sold, which gives you the power to make smart decisions for your business. For example, you can make changes in your menu when you know which has been the best and worst selling item. Most importantly, you have an overview of the sales data that further determines the profit. Most importantly, you get the sales data you need to determine your profit.

The management software will provide you with smart analytics and reports that can be accessed on the go. This is invaluable when it comes to getting real-time data on sales, inventory, operations, and branch performance. You will be able to access reports from any location, allowing you to manage your Restaurant and branches when you are on the move. Now, you can have total control of your business, no matter where you are that particular day.


Tracking Tax

Additionally, you need to keep reliable records for taxes, especially for your local or state business and alcohol tax laws. For instance, in Texas, in addition to sales tax, there is a mixed beverage sales tax, and that needs to be reported accordingly. So you need to consult with your accountant and know your local tax tables and make sure your system has the reporting features you need.

Most restaurant management software systems have robust sales and tax reporting data. Any right provider will be able to explain the sales reporting features built into the system and describe your available options for accounting integrations like Quickbooks.


Easy inventory management

Resto Billo restaurant management software provides you with Inventory control feature.

Inventory control feature must-have for management software. This way, you know what amount of food you have and how much is required.

Inventory is essential as you wish to understand your profit margins by knowing the order of food. All the systems should have inventory control or may require third-party integration.

This Software is all in real-time, producing day-to-day, weekly, and monthly consumption reports. With these tools, you never have to worry about running out of essential items; instead, you can take control by setting alerts that notify you as soon as you are running low.


Simple menu system

It’s an essential option and also should be easy to configure and setup menu on a restaurant management system. Sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s an essential consideration.

Many systems in the market can make it very difficult to edit menu updates or prices. At the same time, we have paid special attention and made it very easy to edit or set up menus so that you can easily change menu updates or prices.

Especially with companies offering big brand restaurant management software where you may need to contact support to edit a menu, and They dose not will provide fast support. Sometimes the terminals or the server has to be rebooted to make a minor menu change. You don’t need that headache.

Resto Billo restaurant software provides you with Simple menu feature and function.


Simple Order Processing System

Resto Billo management software India has User-Friendly Order Processing feature. The order management software should be simple enough for staffs and management. This is why your food ordering app should be easy for customers to manage.
There are several tasks that your staff will need to do quickly such as changing the price of an item, changing the quantity of an item, repeating menu items, taking quick orders of all the people at once, tracking reserves, managing tables, and many more


Credit Card Or Debit Card Payment Option

Following the TSYS customer payment study, for dine-in restaurants, 68% of the respondents chose to use a debit or credit card, while only 18% of respondents favor cash. Thus by not only accepting debit and credit cards, but you are also passing up a lot of opportunities to boost your earnings.

So to this point, you need to accept credit card payments, and you’re going to need to credit card processing integrated into your Software.

Resto Billo’s restaurant pos management software in India in an already integrated provide credit card or debit card payment system.

Importance of Restaurant Management Software

Following the TSYS customer payment study, for dine-in restaurants, 68% of the respondents chose to use a debit or credit card, while only 18% of respondents favor cash. Thus by not only accepting debit and credit cards, but you are also passing up a lot of opportunities to boost your earnings.

So to this point, you need to accept credit card payments, and you’re going to need to credit card processing integrated into your Software.

Resto Billo restaurant management software in an already integrated provide credit card or debit card payment system.

Why Choose Resto Billo Restaurant Management Software

First, we are talking about some basic questions. Do you run a restaurant? Do you want to make a revolution in your Restaurant? Do you want to go tensionless or reduce the number of waiters? The answer is resto billo’s restaurant management software is so many different types of features or functions that can help you run your restaurant business effectively. The best restaurant software will help you manage your staff, inventory, finances, and more all from your office or home.

Using Resto Billo Software Benefit is Here

  • Any customer can place an order from the menu card
  • Internet connection not required
  • No need to remember the items served to customers
  • The print bill before a customer washes his hands and reaches the counter
  • No need for a keyboard. Place an order by using just numeric keypad.
  • Placing of order in just 4 to 5 buttons
  • Save your time during rush hour
  • Best quality, foolproof tested software
  • Automatic start of the software as soon as the personal computer starts
  • Automatic display of rate, unit, photo of an item.
  • Automatic generation of bills
  • Automatic kot (kitchen order token) generation
  • Automatic display of the on and off tables
  • Saves labor
  • Category wise KOT
  • Easiest to use software


Variety of Reports Creating

  • Business reports -daily
  • Business reports -in between two dates
  • Regular bills
  • Kot (kitchen order token) order
  • Canceled kot order
  • Itemwise sales report


Minimum Hardware Requirements

  1. You can use too any computer or laptop with any windows operating system
  2. You must have only any thermal printer

What Is Restaurant Management Software?

A restaurant manager should be aware of the different features of management software to make the right decision about it. An important feature is the capability to provide a streamlined operational procedure. There are features which include scheduling services, and also a process for customer service feedback and suggestions.

Restaurant POS Management Software is basically a group of hardware and software used to enhance restaurant operations by streamlining activities. The software works addressed by this system include table bookings, scheduling online orders, managing all incoming orders, managing inventory, reducing back-order time, automation of redundant work, managing marketing campaigns, and planning for future growth. These are the main features of this software, which one would need to be aware of when looking into purchasing one.

What Kind Of Restaurant Management Software Will Take Care?

The software should also be able to help the managers with all the tasks associated with the restaurant, such as inventory management and control, scheduling, customer service, and sales management. These tasks can be taken care of by the software if it is able to manage them efficiently.

Restaurant management software india can also assist the managers with all aspects of marketing and advertising. It has been proven to assist business owners with the implementation of effective advertising campaigns, as well as a plan to improve the overall image of the business and attracting customers.


What Our Clients Say?

Congratulation on the Launching of Resto Billo in our Restaurant in Four Different cities. It was a pleasure working with a lively team having a lot of excitement and receptive to listen to client feedback. Thank you for being patient and prepared to provide exceptional services throughout the execution. I am certain that we are going to have a robust and long-lasting relationship with Resto Billo. All the very best.​
Amanda Lee
CEO & Founder Soundbar
One-stop solution for my company, from charging to reports everything is easy to manage. Because it is desktop-based so it is easy to use, thank you Resto Billo for satisfying your own requirements. I would certainly recommend this product.
Adam Cheise
Director at Greenwood
Resto Billo's Management Software is a wonderful software with ease of performance, that has assisted us to control retail sales and monitor the realtime inventory of raw material, packing material, and finished goods from the rear office portal. It is fun billing with an awesome Display menu at the counter, using a tab for a billing interface. It's the best investment for a company and an asset that has improved my resources.
Adam Cheise
Director at qisemark

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